ITW Industrial Finishing

ITW Industrial Finishing is an operating unit of Illinois Tool Works Inc. (ITW), a multinational Fortune 200 company. ITW Industrial Finishing manufactures industrial spray coating equipment and systems for the general industrial and automotive markets. Binks, and DeVilbiss are among the companies within the Industrial Finishing operating unit.

Binks boasts over 100 years of spray finishing leadership. Today their products are found at work in almost every industry around the world. They manufacture spray guns, accessories, airless spray painting outfits, high and low pressure material handling pumps, pressure tanks, and paint circulating systems for the industrial finishing and automotive refinishing markets. Binks is a pioneer in spray finishing technology development.

DeVilbiss is the leading supplier of spray finishing equipment to the industrial and automotive refinish markets. They are widely recognized for its expertise in ergonomics and innovative equipment design. DeVilbiss manufactures spray guns and related equipment, air control filters and regulators, tanks, cups, hoses, and other accessories. Their products are used in the wood, aeropspace, plastics, metal, and automotive industries. DeVilbiss understand the intricacies of the finishing process, the equipment design needed for achieving the highest quality finish, and the bottom line needs of customers to maximize productivity. They continue to set the standard for spray finishing through research and development, an innovative product line, and commitment to customer service.

ITW is committed to focusing on serving their customers' and industries' diverse requirements by creating close working relationships with their customers. Together these companies strive to improve their customers' competitive positions by increasing productivity and quality while reducing manufacturing and assembly costs.


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