Spray Booths

We supply spray booths designed to meet the specialized needs and performance requirements of the following industries:

  • Bus
  • Farm
  • Rail
  • Truck
  • Marine
  • Construction
  • Automobile
  • Aerospace
  • Wood Manufacturing Industries
  • Metal Finishing
Booths can be custom-made to fit your business' particular needs. Width, depth, and height can be specified, as well as custom options such as product doors, roof design, special lighting, lifts, and more. We also provide a line of standard spray booths for conventional product application. All booths comply with OSHA and NFPA regulations and are engineered to meet the highest quality, safety, and environmental standards.

Filter Media
We supply a variety of high volume paint overspray collection systems designed to meet every filter requirement in the finishing industry. Filters are fabricated of several layers of slit and expanded, chemically treated fire retardant paper. They are constructed so that the intake layer openings are larger than the exhaust side, thus allowing maximum paint overspray removal and service life. The results? 100% efficiency, minimum labor, and lower costs.

Floor Paper
We supply floor paper to help maintain a clean working environment inside the spray booth. Our floor paper:

  • Accommodates any size paint booth
  • Is available in 300' Kraft rolls in several widths.
  • Is flame resistant.
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